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I'm a writer, publisher and editor of Baekdal.com (new media design magazine founded in 2004), Baekdal Plus (subscription based analysis and insight) and the design blog 42Concepts. I have been publishing online since 1998.

I'm an analyst, futurist and a trend spotter. I'm the author of four books about new media, like "The Future of Social Commerce" and "The Shift, From Print to Digital and Beyond". I have 10 years of experience working as a digital media manager.

This unusual mix of design, fashion, media, and publishing from both the perspective as a publisher and a consumer brand means that I approach the shift in media from a unique perspective.

What I do

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BaekdalMedia was founded by Thomas Baekdal. The company is all about helping you use and understand the shifting landscape of new media. It is divided up into four parts. First is this site, which is a new media consultancy helping brands embrace new media.

The other three parts are the new media magazine "Baekdal", Baekdal Plus, which provides analysis and insights as a paid-for subscription service, and my books about new media.

This site focuses on the consulting part. Helping you make most of the digital, social, mobile, emerging, and shifting media. BaekdalMedia's speciality is the shift itself and what lies beyond. I can help you make the right decisions, create and refine you strategies. I can help you understand why the shift is happening, and compare that to your plans and ideas.

We have so many new things to play with but an app is just a tool, it is not a strategy.

There are two ways I can help you. You can hire me on an hourly basis ($175/hour), but hiring a consultant can be a costly and risky business. How do you know that the analysis will be useful to you?

The 'Quick Strategy Review' is a great way to start with no risk, or commitment. You get a fixed price for a fixed time frame.

For $995, I will spend a day looking at your strategy. I will highlight opportunities and concerns, changes you need to make, things you might have missed and other things relevant to your case.

It's a great way to get started with no risk. Or maybe you just want a second opinion for your existing strategy - or for an idea you have, but aren't sure if it will work.

Do you know why you need to change?

In a world that changes faster every day, making the right call is critical to any successful business. But in order to make the right call, you first have to know why the world is changing. Why are people doing the things they do? How does that affect you?

Look at the growing shift from print to digital. Many believe that it's just about the format and some fancy navigation. But the real shift is that people already know what is happening around them. We are following the creators instead of couriers.

Take mobile. Many believe that it is just about smartphones (like the iPhone or the many Androids). "We should create an app", they say. But that is not what mobile is about at all. Mobile is about freedom from physicality. It allows people to do the things they want to do, without having to

worry about where to do it - or when to do it.

This is where I can help you. I spend every day analyzing why the world is changing and what it is changing into. I then help you align that with your strategy, and put it into action.

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I don't do meetings, except for virtual ones (via GoToMeeting, Skype or other channels).

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